Hello, I'm DarkMetroid567 and I am making this Request for Adminship so I can acquire sysop rights. Around this time of year, more news is released about the upcoming Call of Duty game, this year being Call of Duty: Black Ops II. With this new information, we get new users, and some more in November when Black Ops II is released globally. With these new users, more moderating is required in all parts of our Wiki, including IRC, Chat, forums, blogs, and mainspace articles.

Since June 11, 2011, I have done my best to contribute to the Wiki. This brings me to my first reason: moderating the blog comments. Many of our anonymous users come for News Team blogs so they can receive news about the latest game in the Call of Duty series. As news for Black Ops II continues to come from various sources throughout the year, even more users will come as I stated previously. With sysop rights, I am able to delete comments and block users if they have violated any of our policies multiple times.

Currently, I have Custodian rights I was given from the Image Reform Project to rename images. Tools would come in handy to delete images so I can participate even more in the image project. Although I don't do much countervandalism due to other users covering it, I have done a fair amount of work and the mainspace. There has also been some times where an admin was needed so I could block vandalizing users, lock pages, and delete pages if needed.

I typically edit the Wiki during the day (anytime from 6 AM PST to 6 PM PST) and the beginning of the night (from about 8 PM PST to 3 AM PST). I have set to fammiliarize myself with the Wiki's policies and improve on mistakes admins have warned me about in the past. I'm on IRC and Chat nearly everyday, making it easier to contact me. With the tools, I would mainly do work in the Chats, blogs, mainspace, and the filespace. I also try to frequently voice my opinion in the War Room from time to time. You can view my editcount and contributions below/above/here. (lol to lazy to link them atm).


Oppose - lol12 --DarkMetroid567 11:52 PST June 24, 2012

I r say dat dis wiki is be like, forever. Qw3rty! 06:21, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

Wat be dis. -- a sexy cow